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  • Type: Diaphragm/ Reciprocating/ Hybrid, Non-Lubricated, water cooled, Horizontal type.
  • Capacity Range: Up to 700 Nm3/hr
  • Suction Pressure: As per Requirement
  • Discharge Pressure: Up to 850 Barg
  • Motor Rating: Up to 132 kW
  • Fully designed and manufactured based on maker standard

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H2 Supply Pipeline LCV/Trailer
Suction Pr. 20Bar 30-200Bar
Discharge Pr. 80/250/450/850 Bar 250/450/850 Bar
Capacity 35-65 Kg/hr @110 Bar 40-60 Kg/hr @110 Bar
BHP 130-150 HP 90-120 HP
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H2 Supply Pipeline
Suction Pr. 20Bar
Discharge Pr. 250/450/850 Bar
Capacity 40-65 Kg/hr @110 Bar or as per client reqt.
BHP 110-150 HP
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H2 Supply Trailer/LCV
Suction Pr. 30-200 Bar
Discharge Pr. 450/850 Bar
Capacity 25-40 Kg/hr @110 Bar
BHP 90-110 HP

Hydrogen Refueling Stations offered by KwangShin - Jyotech provide quick, efficient, and safe fuelling at pressure ratings of 350 and 700 Bar. Our incredibly dependable H2-compressors, Storage, Efficient Cooling, Dispensing and Control unit are all included in the Station Module, which guarantees top system performance and exceptional safety.

Size – As per client requirement
  • Scope: Turnkey solution
  • Low Pressure Hydrogen Storage
  • Decanting
  • Reliable Compression (Diaphragm/ Reciprocating/ Hybrid compressor options)
  • High pressure storage of varied types
  • Chillers & Pre-Coolers
  • Wide range of Dispensers
  • Our USP
  • Extensive global experience of our principals
  • Wide portfolio of standard and customized solutions
  • Flexible configuration
  • Enhancing customer experience through SCADA
  • Ensure safety and dependability with the simplest design possible
  • Lowest total cost of ownership
  • Design for ease of maintenance

Salient features of Hydrogen Fuelling Systems:

We offer a wide range of dispensers, including Single, Double and Dual dispensers Compliance with SAE J2601 2020 fuelling protocol and ISO standard 19880 to meet our customers’ diverse needs.

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